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Brighton House1

Indoor/outdoor living
Materials define form
Energy systems
Inspiring landscaping

A new residence complete with pool, pool house & tennis court has been designed to meet the needs of a growing family & provide relaxed & sustainable living.

All living areas engage an indoor/outdoor ambiance. The house is zoned to accommodate the family's needs for privacy, as well as for thermal and acoustic control. Externally, zinc, glass and render articulate the building forms.Internally, floor finish, joinery & a limited use of bold colour define the interiors.  Lighting & services are controlled by CBus to enable flexibility.

Environmental design solutions have been employed to provide a very high energy rating.  Passive solar gain combined with a heat recovery system reduce the need for heating during winter months to a bare minimum.  All walls & roof areas were insulated using sprayed foam, resulting in an air tight dwelling which controls both heat loss in winter & heat gain in summer.

The landscaping is contemporary and diversified in plant selection to provide a series of inspired external spaces that vary in shape, scale, form & colour.

“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.”
– Luis Barragan


Brighton House1
Brighton House1
Brighton House1
Brighton House1
Brighton House1
Brighton House1
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